Clusterul ELINCLUS Clusterul ELINCLUS (Electronic INovation CLUSter) este un cluster înființat în anul 2011, a cărei componență industrială este reprezentată de firmele mici și mijlocii implicate în dezvoltarea de produse electronice inovative destinate unor domenii precum auto, aerospațial, IoT, etc.. Vezi detalii


 ELINCLUS Cluster has been formed starting from the structure of economic relations existing between CETTI, who has developed Technological and Business Incubator, entity accredited in National Innovation and Technology Transfer Network– ReNITT and companies from the Bucureşti Ilfov region, by associating with Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency , ARIES and APTE. At this core members have been added  the other collaborating protocol signatories, with which there have been close collaboration relationships in the past, what offered to ELINCLUS cluster the status of a regional cluster in the field of electronics.

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Sustaining Innovation

ELINCLUS cluster sustain the innovation through all the activities it undertakes.

Periodic events

ELINCLUS cluster organize periodically conferences and exhibitions, such as SIITME and professional contests, such as TIE and  many other profile events.


ELINCLUS cluster try to increases visibility in Europe by participating to the events, conferences, expositions, fairs, B2B, C2C and many others.


In the ELINCLUS cluster is organized periodically workshops, specialized trainings, meetings for funding opportunities, support for the submission of European projects and many others.

Future events

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