Marketing strategy


The history of Elinclus cluster started in the begining of March 2011, having its headquarters in Bucharest, bld. Iuliu Maniu 1-3, sector 6, when a number of 27 newly established electronics and software companies decide to formalize their collaboration over the last 10 years.
The ELINCLUS Cluster brings together entities from the Bucharest-Ilfov Region as well as economic structures that work with it.

The fields of activity of the cluster members are:

– Mechatronics;
– TIC;
– Production and electronic engineering;
– TIC (information and communication technology);
– Micro, nano, opto technologies.

Marketing environment - Macro-marketing

The organization has goals:

– Modernization and Appropriation of Human Resources;
– Bridging the business environment, academia and governmental factors in promoting innovation policies;
– ELINCLUS Cluster Expansion, Business Development, Upgrading and Fitness of the Business Environment;
– Technology Innovation, Technology Transfer and Commercial Collaboration;
– Upgrading and Fitness of the Business Environment;
– Promoting intercluster collaborators to identify solutions for the development of innovative products with high added value;
– Strengthening and developing the technological infrastructure to increase the competitiveness of the companies as well as the training of the human resources needed to support the innovation process;
– Promote and support European integration actions for innovative companies as part of their participation in the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program.

A major element of absolute importance to the organization at present is technology. Taking into account the diagnostic analysis in the cluster development plan, it can be concluded that this organization, in order to be able to assume market responsibilities in order to become efficient and viable on the global market, technology transfer is of strategic importance , with which research and development, as a sector of the cluster, need to develop strongly.

Marketing Strategies - Product Strategies

Compliance with manufacturing processes and processes ensures that product quality is maintained.
The products are executed in accordance with the requirements imposed by the company’s technical specifications.
The ELINCLUS cluster applies a strategy that involves producing products of different quality levels, corresponding to different segments of consumers.

As elements of qualitative improvement, we enumerate:

– improving functionality;
– improving the quality of raw materials, aesthetics.

Other strategies applied by cluster members:

1. Development of the external market;
2. Developing the internal market;
3. Strategy for penetrating the external and internal market.

Marketing Strategies - Pricing Strategies

One of the pricing strategies practiced by cluster members is price differentiation based on quantity. It records the order together with the technical documentation from the customer and is transmitted to the marketing sector. It analyzes and determines: the execution possibilities, the prices and the delivery terms.
The marketing department clarifies with the client any discrepancies between the conditions imposed by the order and the execution possibilities, after which the annex to the contract is drawn up. The annex to the contract must include the technical and economic analysis that includes the required STASs.