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Adrian Sistem SRL was founded in 1992 as a production company for laboratory and decorative glassware, using the burner blowing technology of borosilicate glass tubes (defined by ISO 3585). The products offered by the company are of high technical and qualitative level. At present, over 3000 laboratory glassware are produced, which are used in a variety of fields: research, education, industry, agriculture, health, etc. Besides the standard manufacturing program, Adrian Sistem can also produce on request other laboratory glassware that is compatible with this manufacturing technology (scientific glassware, unique parts for research, etc.). Decorative glass is distinguished by a wide variety of shapes and colors, both because of the creative spirit of the company’s employees, as well as of the clients, who constantly request new models. The company’s staff is receptive to customer requests as well as to the technical novelties in the field of hand-made glassware from heat-resistant glass tubes. At present companies are in the process of implementing the ISO 9001 quality management system.



Here are some of the more important products our company produces, according to the standard program.

1. Laboratory glassware of general use – Berzelius glasses – Round and flat bottom bottles – Erlenmayer flasks – Weighing ampoules – Separation funnels – Refrigerants and distillation columns – Filtration crucibles and funnels 2. Volumetric laboratory glassware – Quoted balloons – Pipettes – Burettes and microbrows – Cylinders graduates 3. Laboratory instruments (including scientific glassware) – Extraction apparatus – Apparatus for various physico-chemical determinations – Apparatus for distillation – Gas analyzers 4. Laboratory glassware – 1,2,3-mm balloons – Kjeldahl balloons – pressure drop and pressure equalizing funnels – adapters, elbows and heads, bridges – taps We can mention that on request, other laboratory products can also be made using the technology of blowing borosilicate glass tubes.


The decorative glassware made by our company is characterized by originality and great diversity, the creators of the company displaying a special fantasy. Apart from our own models, we can make any desired product by the original designs, keeping it the exclusivity required. We list some of the company’s most representative decorative items: – Carafe and glasses – Kettles and mugs – Candlesticks and opaque bottles – Fruit bottles and glasses for distilleries – Articles for Christmas tree: globes, stars, candlesticks – Gift items personalized – Venetian glassware, tableware, tableware: sinks, candlesticks, cups, cups, carafe, etc. – Lamps for Halogen Bulbs – Headlamps, Aprons, Glass Chandeliers.