General Meeting of ELINCLUS Cluster members – 07.06.2018

The General Assembly of the members of the ELINCLUS Cluster took place on 07.06.2018. In it were held the following presentations: Activities undertaken during 2017-2018 – Bogdan Mihailescu – Executive Manager cluster ELINCLUS, promotion activities – Cristina Lepădatu – Executive Assistant Manager cluster ELINCLUS, HORIZON Europe (2021-2027) – Innovation Management & Funding Opportunities – Cristian Ormindean, Romanian Center for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Foundation, member of Enterprise Europe Network On the agenda of the General Assembly was also the election of the Cluster Coordination Council (CCC), it was decided unanimously the following composition:

President ELINCLUS: Prof. Dr. Ing. Paul Svasta (APTE)
Vice President of Strategy and Coordination: Alexandru Borcea (ARIES)
Vice President Investment and Financing: Iulian Cuculaş (RO Capital INVEST)
Vice President of Innovation: Cristian Ormindean (CRIMM)
Vice President of inter-cluster relations: Dr. Iulian Buşu (LUMPED Elements)
Vice President of Scientific Research: Dr. Elena Poenaru (SBS Solutions)
Executive Manager: Dr. Bogdan Mihăilescu (UPB-CETTI)