THE MECHANISM OF DECISION MAKING IN THE CLUSTER Decisions within the cluster are usually taken by consensus within the JCC. If this consensus is not met then the decisions are taken by majority vote of CCC members present at the council meeting. In the case of one-off matters which do not justify the convocation of the JCC, the vote may also be exercised by correspondence on the basis of a voting file. The preparation of the voting file, containing the statement of the issue, the arguments for or against the CCC members, its dissemination to the members of the cluster as well as the receipt and counting of votes are the responsibility of APTE, which within max. 3 days after receiving the votes of the CCC members, they will make known the final result of the vote. 


  • To actively contribute to the establishment of the Cluster Development Strategy in a given period, by submitting concrete proposals to APTE.
  • To approve or reject the APTE development strategy as a result of the proposals made by cluster members.
  • To approve or reject by vote the Annual Activity Report prepared by APTE.
  • Vote for the admission or rejection of new members or the exclusion of certain members of the cluster in accordance with sections 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 of this Regulation.
  • To participate in the design, organization, management and conduct of all cluster activities according to their own competencies.
  • Prioritize the activities organized within the cluster, corresponding to the purpose and objectives of the cluster.
  • To approve by voting the minimum amount of the annual membership fee for the cluster.OBLIGATIONS OF CLUSTER MEMBERS
  • Comply with the provisions of the Collaboration Protocol and this regulation as well as the provisions of other normative documents developed or recognized by the cluster.
  • To act in collaboration with the other members of the cluster to achieve its goal and goals.
  • Do not undertake actions that by their nature may damage the interests or image of the cluster
  • To act to increase cluster prestige.
  • To pay in due time the annual fee established in accordance with this Regulation

ESTABLISHMENT AND PAYMENT OF THE ANNUAL CHOICE OF CLUSTER MEMBERS For each member of the cluster, the annual fee is fixed at a sum representing the product of the average number of staff employed in the previous year (according to the latest balance sheet) and the minimum amount of the CCC voted contribution. In the case of cluster members who do not have hired personnel or private individuals’ experts, the annual fee is fixed at the level of the minimum approved amount. For organizations that have their own paid employees to work in APTE, the annual fee due will decrease accordingly to the employee’s salary, going up to full compensation. Payment of the annual subscription may be made in full or in 4 quarterly installments by payment order to the bank account of the Cluster Management Association. If the payment is made in full, by 31.03 of the current year, the annual fee due is reduced by 10%.