Partnership: Romanian Equestrian Federation – INFRASOFT (Documenta DMS)

INFRASOFT, member of ELINCLUS Cluster, leader in Romania in the field of storage, archiving and data and document management, supports the activities of the Romanian Equestrian Federation. The company will provide IT & C support: hardware, software, and documenta DMS management and document management solutions.

“If I were to characterize in three words I would say riding: performance, trust and passion. Starting from these shared values, which we share in the Documenta DMS team, we have decided that it is a good idea to support the Romanian Equestrian Federation in its approach to better organization and popularization of this noble sport in Romania, said Adrian Bărcuţean, Infrasoft Shareholder. “Thanks to INFRASOFT and Documenta DMS for support. This collaboration is part of the strategy for development and promotion of equestrian sport, a sport with a tradition for our country. We want in the near future to find equitation in the top 10 sports in Romania, “said Vlad Bontea, president of the Romanian Equestrian Federation. The Romanian Equestrian Federation was founded on 12 December 1930, being the XXIst member of the International Equestrian Federation, to which it joined the same year. It is the only national authority that provides an organized framework for national and international competitions in all equestrian disciplines. Romanian sportspeople are increasingly competitive internationally. For example, at the Balcaniada of Jumping over Obstacles, which took place last year in Greece, they won 8 medals: one gold, two silver and five bronze. 800 professional athletes and 1,200 horses are affiliated to the Romanian Equestrian Federation and participate in National and International competitions. More than 55 sports clubs in Romania organize competitions under the aegis of the Romanian Equestrian Federation. INFRASOFT, the developer of Documenta DMS, is a Romanian company with 100% private capital, leading in Romania in the field of solutions for document and data management, information and internal and external communication in companies and public sector organizations with an experience of over 12 years on the Romanian market. Document management applications cover the needs of a document’s entire lifecycle – from the moment it is generated, to storage and archiving, including: Production Management, Management, Archiving, Cloud and Data Center solutions IT infrastructure and business solutions.