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Field of activity:

The Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency (ADRBI) is a non-governmental non-profit institution with legal personality, operating under Law 315/2004.


The main activities of the ADRBI

  • Elaboration and updating of the Regional Development Plan (RDP), plans and programs related to the region;
  • Ensuring the technical and financial management of the Regional Development Fund in order to achieve the objectives set out in the regional development programs;
  • Selection, contracting, monitoring and verification of projects funded through the Agency;
  • Promoting the region and activities stemming from regional development policies;
  • Other activities according to the attributions of Law 315/2004 on regional development in Romania.


The objectives of the ADRBI

  • Achieving territorial, economic and social cohesion in line with EU and NRDP policies, by developing regional competences by promoting intra- and inter-regional and transnational cooperation by attracting impact investments in the region – public, private and mixed , through Public Private Partnership (PPP) schemes, for effective and responsible management of approved programs and projects;
  • Promoting the principles of sustainable development of the region by implementing RDPs, accelerating the processes of innovation and transfer of know-how, both at regional and national level as well as internationally.

The principles underlying ADRBI are the underpinning of the regional development policy in the EU, namely subsidiarity, decentralization and partnership. ADRBI is the executive body of the Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Council – CDRBI, in its coordination.


POR 2014-2020

The 2014-2020 Regional Operational Program (ROP) is the successor to the Regional Operational Program 2007-2013 and is one of the programs by which Romania will be able to access European structural and investment funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the current programming period.

The Regional Operational Program (ROP) 2014-2020 is managed by the ROP Managing Authority within the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds and was adopted by the European Commission (EC) on June 23, 2015. In May 2015, was launched in the public consultation The Applicant’s Guide. General conditions for accessing funds under the ROP 2014-2020.

The ROP 2014-2020 addresses the five national growth challenges identified in the Partnership Agreement: competitiveness and local development, population and social aspects, infrastructure, resources, administration and governance.

Go to the site dedicated to ROP 2014-2020 implementation in Bucharest-Ilfov Region

POR 2007-2013

The Regional Operational Program (ROP 2007-2013) has as strategic objective to support the development of Romania’s regions from an economic and social point of view, sustainable and territorially balanced and to support the sustainable development of the urban growth poles and to improve the business environment and the basic infrastructure.

The Regional Operational Program has been developed according to the European subsidiarity principle, based on regional development strategies and addresses NUTS II regions in accordance with EC Regulation no. 1059/2003 for statistical classification of territorial units corresponding to the 8 Development Regions of Romania.

Specific objectives:

– Increasing the economic and social role of urban centers through a polycentric approach
– Improving the accessibility of regions, in particular urban centers and their links
– Increasing the quality of the social infrastructure of the regions
– Increasing regions’ competitiveness as business locations
– Increasing the contribution of tourism to the development of regions.
– Implementation of the ROP will contribute to the reduction of interregional disparities as well as the disparities within the regions, between the urban and the rural areas, between the urban centers and adjacent areas, and within the cities, between the attractive areas for investors and the unattractive ones, by better use regional synergies.
– Balanced development of all regions of the country will be achieved through an integrated approach, based on a combination of public investment in local infrastructure, active policies to stimulate business activities and support the capitalization of local resources.

Access the website dedicated to the implementation of ROP 2007-2013 in Bucharest-Ilfov region