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Mission, Vision, Values

The ARIES community exists by developing and promoting the huge potential offered by the Romanian IT & C industry.

Such a strategic move involves time, patience, trust, and abnegation. We are always able to make the most of these qualities not only because of the vision that unites us, but above all the power given by the individuality of each ARIES member.

We believe that only together we can bring added value to our association and, in what we do, we always rely on our biggest asset: the power of efficiency.


To become Romania’s most known and influential industry for the benefit of our members and to change the image of our nation’s competitiveness in the world.

ARIES concentrates its efforts to protect, promote and support the professional and commercial interests of business people in the Romanian IT & C industry. Moreover, ARIES is committed to the continuous development of competitive tools and services in the market, beneficial to its members.


The ARIES specific strategic component systematically involves sustainable development plans, materialized in market research and research, database accumulation, systematized information provided on a non-discriminatory basis to any member of the community. In addition, we insist on improvement activities both in the country and abroad and on organizing programs and events to promote the Information Society and Knowledge Society.

Vision for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

An open, ethical and friendly world through knowledge and communication and a national eLearning and software industry capable of supporting Romania’s competitiveness among the most developed nations of the world.

We get to the top of the industry with the help of motivational tools by which we joined forces in the same vision.

Thus, ARIES is the place where community cohesion and synergy helps to increase the value of the Romanian IT & C industry through the competitiveness, honesty, integrity and ethical conduct specific to our association.

1. Increasing the cohesion and synergy of the Romanian electronics and software industry community.
2. Increasing the value chain of the Romanian electronics and software industry, competitive worldwide.
3. Profit for our members, but profit from the work that our nation and humanity will benefit from
4. Honesty, integrity and ethical conduct