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  • BETA MARK ACTUAL SRLdesigns, manufactures and markets a range of products for the petroleum, power and machine-building industries in accordance with European standards and ISO 9001 certification.
  • Microwave Technology Activities:
  • Research-development and technology transfer for:
    • industrial drying (wood, paper, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
    • chemical products (rubber vulcanization, polymers, etc.)
    • environmental protection (soil decontamination, treatment of medical and radioactive waste),
    • conservation of heritage (documents from archives, libraries, historical monuments);
  • Feasibility studies for potential users of microwave technologies;
  • Elaboration of expertise on the performance of microwave technology installations.



  • Microwave Achievements
  • Technological installations for the production of polymers;
  • Microwave installations for impregnating telephone cables;
  • Microwave generators with variable output power;
  • Components for microwave industrial technological installations for drying, synthesis, sterilization, etc. –
    • direct microwave power detection on generating paths, impedance adapters, waveguides (microwave launchers, elbows, elbows H, radiant guides), thermal ovens, tunnel furnace, experimental stand for technologies with microwave.
  • Microwave-specific consultancy;
  • Studii privind utilizarea energiei microundelor în procese de sterilizare şi incinerare a deșeurilor menajere şi medicale.


Products for the petroleum industry

  • Polymer solutions based on polyacrylamide-oligosaccharide copolymers–
    • are used in the extractive industry as desulphurization and reduction of filtration with synergistic effect for drilling fluids;
    • are not flammable, toxic and corrosive;
  • Lubricant for water-based drilling fluids;
  • Clay Hydration Stabilizer / Inhibitor for Water Drilling Fluids;
  • Foams and anti-foam for water-based drilling fluids.

Products for the energy sector

  • Polymeric antiscalant solutions
    • acts on the mechanism of salt crusts formation in thermal installations,
    • are used for the same purpose in the petroleum industry for the treatment of sewage, are not flammable, toxic or corrosive

Products intended for the machinery industry

  • Additive synthetic solutions
    • are used as washing, cooling and lubricating agents;
    • preservatives and degreasers for operations specific to the machine-building industry and for the thermal treatment of alloy and high-alloy steels;
    • have the temporary anticorrosive protection effect of processing materials and machinery;
    • are not flammable, toxic or corrosive.   

Products for construction

  • Synthetic concentrated solutions
    • asphalt and concrete cleaner;
    • cement, lime, lime and rust cleaner;
    • have the temporary anticorrosive protection effect of processing materials and machinery;
    • reducing water absorption from concrete.