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ELECTRO OPTIC COMPONENTS is specialized in the development and manufacture of optoelectronic systems for various applications. Among the company’s achievements are:

  • warning systems for laser and radar illumination;
  • optoelectronic sensors and interfaces for integration into complex systems;
  • laser telemetry modules with λ = 1.06 μm and λ = 1.54 μm;
  • sub-assemblies of laser telemetry for integration into other products (binoculars, optical sighting devices);
  • Pointers and Intelligent Eye Pointers equipped with laser diodes in the visible and infrared spectrum;
  • rigid PCs having capture plates and image analysis to process images taken from daytime and nighttime cameras that can be integrated into complex surveillance systems;
  • DC / DC and AC / DC converters;
  • various types of automation boards with microcontroller;
  • software development for microcontrollers and PCs.


Individual DIAC-M dosimeter

The individualized dose meter with a modernized digital display is designed to measure the irradiation dose received by the user for X and γ radiation as well as its flow rate. Provides visual, auditory and vibration warning when exceeding established dose and dose rate thresholds.

TL-1.54 μm laser rangefinder

The 1.54 μm laser video range finder is intended to determine distances to objects in the tactical field. It works in an integrated observation and viewing system. Communication with the observation and targeting system is done via serial link RS422. Viewing objects in the tactical field is done through the built-in video camera. The display is on an external display. The power supply of the product is through the system it is integrated in.

SSRAT Sistem

The SSRAT system is intended to equip terrestrial vehicles, special purpose ships as well as fixed observation points. The SSRAT system provides:

  • identifying targets in the field of observation during day and night;
    • storage of target images;
    • measuring the distance to the observed targets;
    • determining the coordinates of observed targets;
    • positioning targets on a digital map;
    • compaction of digital processed data for remote transmission.

    System composition The SSRAT system consists of the following subassemblies:

    • PAN & TILT stabilized mobile platform type SPG 00-1179-9028;
    • Block stabilization;
    • Sensor block BS-001;
    • TL-1.54 μm laser rangefinder;
    • Actuator and control block BAC-001;
    • Image and image processing system SPDI-001.

Remote control station of the TYPHON armament

The Typhon system is designed to equip special purpose armored vehicles involved in identifying and destroying land and / or aerial targets. The entire system is controlled by a powerful electronic control and control unit. Manual control is the second option of Typhon, which includes a special design of the vehicle. The TYPHON system allows:

  • Identification and recognition of objects in day and night;
  • Calculation of trajectory of drawing and automatic or manual pulling.

The system equipped with BAC 002 and BS 002 provides for automatic target tracking and display on the operator display.