The Optoelectronics Research Center carries out research, development, information, documentation, expertise and consultancy in the field of photon micro and nanostructures, optical processing of information and communications on fiber optics. UPB-CCO promotes national and international cooperation, supporting activities to promote and disseminate scientific and technical knowledge through conferences, seminars, scientific publications, affiliations to professional associations and exchange of specialists. The Center aims to achieve the following:

  • To ensure the technological transfer of the most valuable research results from universities and enterprises to the Romanian industry;
  • To participate in the development and European integration of engineering education in Romania; Strengthen the relationship between universities and businesses;
  • Participate in the overall effort of R & D activities, oriented towards the design and manufacture of Romanian products.
  • To organize educational programs at university and post-graduate level, master, doctorate
  • To carry out multidisciplinary research projects in the field of micro and nanotechnologies


  1. Multiple SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Sensors
  2. Optical Method for Constructive Measurements of Inter-digital Transducers
  3. Light Power Measurements in a Large Spectral Range (700 -1800 nm)
  4. Laser Diodes for Fiber Optic Communication (1310nm and 1550nm)
  5. High sensitivity and high speed silicon photo detectors
  6. High accuracy 3D positioners