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Who is CryptoDATA ?

Founded in 2013, CryptoDATA represents a company providing IT solutions in cybersecurity, developed using blockchain technology and A.I systems. Our promise is to offer users worldwide security based on decentralization. Our aim is that every person could communicate freely and securely.

Where is CryptoDATA located ?

CryptoDATA has started its activity in Romania by developing the biggest encrypted information processing data-center in Europe. In 2015, the company’s Headquarter relocated to Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and opened a new data center for processing. In 2018, by announcing the launch of the first encrypted smartphone working on blockchain – IMPulse K1 and, also, by launching the innovative VOBP technology, the company has expanded its activity in Stuttgart, Germany. At the moment, the company has offices and work points in Singapore and UK, and operates, also, through partners located in the USA, Canada, Russia, South Africa, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, South Korea. Our company’s mission is to create a decentralized community and to provide access to our innovative technology to all people from every corner of the world.

Domains of activity

Software development represents the key factor in the evolution of information technologies, having an applicability extended within every domain of activity. The concept of “software development” is a very complex one and includes a series of processes for carrying out a functional project. Team CryptoDATA possesses all the necessary resources for being able to develop any type of software, both for internally designed products, as well as for the external ones.

The development of electronic equipment is one of today’s most dynamic industries. Due to constant innovations, products that once represented only an ideal, are now real and continuously expanding. Launching new products on the market represents every player’s strategy for gaining capital. CryptoDATA provides solutions for developing a wide range of electronic equipment, from PCB to complex industrial machines. Our company can develop both internally conceived products, as well as products designed in partnership or for other companies.

Cyber-security represents the practice of protecting systems, networks and programs against digital attacks. These cyber-attacks are usually targeted at accessing, changing or destroying sensitive information, extorting money from users or disrupting normal business processes. Nowadays, applying efficient measures of cyber-security is extremely difficult because there are more devices than people, so attackers are becoming more innovative. Through its patented encryption technology – the Voice Over Blockchain Protocol [VOBP], CryptoDATA provides the perfect solution for securing and encrypting the communication channel between two connected devices. Identities’ decentralization offers total privacy because the system doesn’t employ servers for information distribution and validation.

The video gaming industry represents a niche that has been facing a very accelerated growth over the past years due to the evolution of several areas of technology. Technological advancement of computers and mobile phones, together with the high internet speed for data transferring, has led to an increased supply and demand for video games. Releasing a video game in its final form requires following a complex plan. CryptoDATA team offers solutions and has all the necessary resources for developing video games and delivering them in their final form. The company is substantially investing both in techniques’, as well as in employees’ evolution for creating such complex platforms

The digital graphics domain has progressed so much that physical borders and limitations have disappeared. The evolution of this technology has eased work, reduced execution time and released visible outstanding results, both in the film industry, as well as in the marketing industry. Through its graphics department, CryptoDATA offers the possibility of developing projects starting from their concept state up to the state of graphic reality and transposition into virtual reality. Predicting a product’s final form is much easier now through the computing power provided by Cloud – the data processing datacenter.

Finance digitization has created a world full of new opportunities, however, even with this technological evolution, these features are not easy to reach for all people. In addition to the financial advice that CryptoDATA can offer, the company comes prepared, also, with a series of solutions for developing, instructing and implementing different platforms in order to ease both companies’, as well as individuals’ activities. CryptoDATA’s most important projects have been gold and electricity digitization and its placement on the market for being traded and exploited by every user, whether experienced or not.

To help the current community and expand the technology across the Globe, CryptoDATA is working on implementing the BIDDC communication system. The company’s aim is to develop a decentralized satellite network named GLOBAR LINK. The launch of the first test satellite KDCT01 is planned in Q3-2020. The technologies developed for setting up and expanding this project have as main mission the improvement by changing the current communication architecture between the worldwide spread devices. The BIDDC infrastructure is based on the implementation of the B-IPFS architecture, information processing being enabled with the help of the ZIXXAR artificial intelligence chip.

CryptoDATA is currently investing more and more resources in the A.I field in order to develop innovative technologies. Together with both our partners and our services’ users, we are building the largest decentralized network based on artificial intelligence that exploits both data processing resources from CryptoDATA’s data-centers, as well as the resources of the users’ devices. The ZIXXAR chip working on the VOBP technology preserves the originality of the data. The decentralized validation doesn’t allow data alteration, offering the self-repair function.

Technology development is a necessity for the evolution of humanity. For the CryptoDATA team, the electric vehicle represents a revolutionary innovation in the automobile field and, also, a great challenge. Through the MOMENTUM models, our team brought solutions for some of the greatest deficits of electric vehicles. These deficits have led to innovative technologies’ development that became part of the MOMENTUM ecosystem. All MOMENTUM electric vehicles are equipped with ultimate technologies developed by the CryptoDATA engineers to provide more safety, security and driving ease for the improvement of our customers’ lives. CryptoDATA wants to turn every device into a validation node, so that each user becomes an active worker within the network. Thus, security becomes impenetrable given the data encryption and validation by several members of the network. The innovative technology that has been implemented into the MOMENTUM ecosystem is unique and revolutionizes the entire automotive system.